The Secret Ingredients Of A Successful Restaurant Marketing Plan

The restaurant industry, as we know it, is very competitive. In order to compete in this field of work, your marketing plan needs to be top-notch and engaging to customers. A report suggests that 33% of people will not frequent a restaurant if they have a bad online impression of it. This just goes to show how important digital marketing is. Let’s take a look at a few things that you should include in your restaurant’s digital marketing plan to further your reach and capture the attention of consumers.

Make a solid brand image

It’s exciting to have the opportunity to create something of your own from the ground up. So, why not show off what you created in the best way possible? Having a solid brand image will make you recognizable to consumers online and help you establish a clear niche. This is how you can give a 360 degree dining experience! Relate your themed colours, slogan, and overall look to your restaurants story; the goal here is to impact the audience and be different from every other food business out there. Creating an identity to engage with audiences emotionally is what will gain you more traction for your restaurant.

Restaurant Photography

Make your website modern and illuminating

Increase revenue and generate customer traffic through a modernly designed and tailored website. An award winning restaurant website should thoroughly communicate with audiences on all levels and provide a visually appealing experience. You can achieve this by having a responsive design, cutting-edge layout, SEO strategies and social media integration.


. 90% of customers look at a restaurant’s websites before visiting

. 80% of customers prefer online ordering, takeouts and pickup

. 100% of Microswift’s websites ate optimized and responsive

. 85% of restaurant visitors come in from online platforms

With that being said, a fully optimized and detail-oriented site will send a message online to consumers that you mean business and are wanting to provide your services to the surrounding community.

Interact with target audience over social media

No restaurant wants their customers to be un-engaged, so how can one prevent this from happening? Build relationships online by having a loyalty program and sharing it over socials, interact with followers on social media with engaging content and personalize your communication— this can be done through targeted messaging. You can boost your restaurant’s social media presence with high quality photos and video clips of your food items, staff and services. Digital content like this is what will attract customers and make them interested in trying out your restaurant.

Restaurant Marketing

Make video content

Visual content is of high demand recently. Allow marketing specialists to help you increase focus and attention on your food service business. When you focus on being digitally present on the platforms where your customers are most active, you can enhance your brand by advertising to thousands of new users with each ad campaign. Having a directly targeted video ad will drive traffic to your restaurant and showcase what you have to offer. Adding a touch of food videography to your website, social platforms and online marketing campaigns will land you a home-run!

Monitor customer reviews & feedback

If you want to have a successful digital marketing strategy, keep your eye on customer reviews. This is very important because more often than not, people do their research before visiting a restaurant and they read reviews from other patrons. Reviews have always played a huge part in restaurant marketing, so it’s crucial to reply to reviews and feedback as much as you possibly can. All in all, this will help you create a buzz in your market and establish long-lasting relationships with the community.

Restaurant Website

So, what re you waiting for? Market your restaurant the new way with these different strategies and you can make a digital impact.

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