Top 5 Features Every Business Needs On Their Website To Boost SEO

Your businesses website is a growth tool when used correctly. A successful website can draw in new clientele and create a strong online presence. To make your website rank high on search engines, it should have these following characteristics:

. Mobile-friendly

. Well-formatted presentation

. Easy navigation

. Interactive features

. Branded design

Now that you know what you need to include on your site, let’s get more into detail about the significance of each of these characteristics.

Website Design


We always encourage our clients to have a mobile-friendly website because it just fits hand-in-hand with the world we live in. Now is the perfect time to ensure your site can be displayed on every mobile device. As we all know by now, consumers have their mobile devices on them at all times and they consume information on these devices daily. Your site design needs to be optimized for both mobile and desktop appliances.


When you have plenty of information displayed on your site, it makes it even more important to keep it professionally organized and visually appealing. No one wants to scroll through a disorganized and confusing website. Therefore, your information should be categorized, well-arranged, and easy to consume. Plan out your format properly; one that we recommend to go by is the “F format”. Essentially, this is a format that is designed to guide the user’s eye to information you want them to examine. Our website design team can display information in the direct line of viewing to get your audience engaged with your content.

Content Marketing


In 2021, online users grow impatient quite easily when they aren’t able to find the information they are looking for in the first few clicks. This means that you need to build your site so that it’s easy to navigate to ensure the user’s experience is positive. Website design specialists come up with solutions to guarantee that the navigation process is smooth and easy.


A prominent website encourages its visitors to interact with it. An easy way that you can get your audience to interact with your own website is by including digital forms and producing blog content on a weekly basis. Online forms can make the consumers experience a whole lot more efficient and unique while also generating more leads for your business. Furthermore, these digital forms will bring some relief to your business as well! Once they have been filled out and you’ve received all the information you need, it will automatically be sent to your front desk or main computer system where you can gain access to it whenever needed. In addition to that, you can be assured that all information will stay safe and secured within the company’s database.


On the whole, your website design needs to be modern, eye-catching and branded. Like we mentioned above, having a messy and cluttered site will get you nowhere and could lead to lost visitors. Your homepage, as well as all other pages, need to exhibit all the correct information clearly. Bear in mind that branded designs such as themed colours, logos, slogans and photos will attract audiences and make your business more recognizable online.


Make sure to integrate all of these characteristics on your website. Whether you are a start-up or a globally renowned business, it’s important to have a fully optimized site. Check out our website design service for more information.
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