AlFawal Restaurant

A revolutionizing achievement. Discover how our Digital Team conquered and achieved a glorious balance of design, branding and interaction alignment with AlFawal Marketing.

AlFawal Restaurant


AlFawal Restaurant was a special project. An evolvement to remember, a progression, a seed that grew into a bean that flourished into a wonder of works. Metaphorically speaking, more like a soup mixture of technology, creativity, vision, and interaction with the digital world.

Mobile Optimized Website Design


Web Design/ Digital Marketing / Social Media Management / WiFi Management / Market Research / Videography / Photography

Online Booking Tool


Guest your way to Automated WiFi Marketing

Beginning with WiFi Marketing was massive success, that lead to endless results. Wifi Marketing is a world on its own. SMS marketing and Email Marketing cannot be undermined. Automating an interaction with your customers is a gem, something that you just cannot attach a price to! Our Digital marketing team was able to build a community of customers and lead a social WiFi Solution. A Smart Wifi System was one of the pillars to evolve, grow and flourish as a restaurant.

Branded Marketing Material


Capturing, Analyzing and Delivering Digitally

What can you do once you have built a community of customers? Continue to feed on the success. After detailed market and brand analysis and research, we focused on crafting a new seamless bridge between AlFawal and a wider customer base. Through continuous meetings, interaction and discussion, our team come up with and developed monthly online marketing campaigns to build onto the success we planted.

OUT-of-the-box Website Design And Development

An online presence is crucial. Your physical location is one thing but your online location is ten times more significant. Our website developers took on this project as a fun and exciting one to work with! Considering the foodie aspect to it. Building the website was a unique process. Being able to create the traditional restaurant website with a menu, yet adding the technical table reservations to being able to cater to your events online made it one of a kind. The consumer interaction with this website is endless. Our team integrated interactive forms to allow anyone to submit a request to advertise in store, submit payment, submit advertising material and move on with their day without having to pickup the phone.

The field of mobile devices will continue to grow at a high percentage rate and is becoming more and more popular by the day. With many users on the go, it was crucial for AlFawal to have the best-in-class mobile user friendly experience. Our team focused on highlighting the menu items to capture the best user reaction and efficient viewing process.

AlFawal Restaurant Features:

  • Beautifully Designed
  • Smooth Interaction
  • Socially Creative
  • Digitally Connected