G Fuel

G FUEL is the leading and “Official Energy Drink of Esports” - our Creative Marketing team just added a sparkling scoop off energy to the formula!

G Fuel


Our Creative Marketing team wanted to introduce the brand through an intuitive and out-of-the-box concept. This new approach needed to adhere to G Fuel’s followers interests, likes and preferences. With a simple but creative touch. All this was done while supporting the trending brand’s edgy, fun, and energetic reputation.

Our goal was to deliver a short commercial and photo -shoot session that would tell the brand’s story in a way that would communicate clearly what G Fuel is all about! Being able to take the viewers from one state of mind to a different one in a few seconds. In an interactive way that caters to audiences of all ages and cultures. This needed to be done to include the brands products and what it had to offer on a big scale to the consumer.

G Fuel Photoshoot


G Fuel is focused on delivering energy, focus and endurance based products to the community, always staying up to date with innovation and introducing new flavours. Our approach was to shine light on a new flavour but the main focus was to introduce the brand as a whole. Our team took a detailed look at what motivates the community to explore and engage with G Fuel.

After defining the followers likes and interests, we moved ahead with a creative idea for a short commercial. The planned out and organized production plan gave G Fuel’s Brand a clear perception of what the brand is all about - A Burst of Energy!

G Fuel Creative Marketing AD

We used clean, simple shots and what brought the sequence all to life was the music and sound effects. We focused on capturing the character’s personality in a way that explains what G Fuel is capable of doing. Each and every detail in the video was planned out from the clothing to represent a gaming character to cater to the gaming industry or to the office background scene to cater to any other industry other than gaming showing the brand can boost any mood in any given time.

We topped up the video with a photo-shoot session. Both the Short commercial and Photo-shoot session helped educate, feature and ultimately drive new interests to the brand.  

G Fuel Energy Formula Photo Shoot


G Fuel already enjoys tons of brand recognition. But always adding trending content that is fun and engaging helps add a dynamic motion to the brand. Inspirited by G Fuel’s fresh, colourful vibe we had a starting point to start. We upped up the brand’s cool factor with a hip commercial idea with a colourful look and incorporated several trending elements to hit many interests.

G Fuel Iced Coffee French Vanilla Photo Shoot Session


  • Commercial Grade Ad with Solid Branding
  • Non-Traditional, engaging, Simple
  • Memorable and Effective
  • Focuses on Trending Interests
  • Out-Of-The-Box Creativity
  • Proper Placement and Timing
  • Celebrates the Brand