Exclusive Brands

Personalized catalogue planning and flawless execution strategy. Exclusive Brands, a perfect example of organizing an entire inventory into a wonder work of designs with added sophistication and interaction.

Exclusive Brands


E-commerce Website Design

Exclusive Brands project was lots of fun and engaging for the entire team. Some challenges but nothing we couldn’t find a solution for. A website developed and customized to perfection.

Responsive Website Design (Mobile)


Web Design / Web Development / Interactive Web Forms/ eCommerce / Multimedia Library / Database configuration

SEO Optimization


Stunning, Effective, Informative Website Design

A website is not a place where you just hoard or store what you want to sell. It needs to show case appropriately, and effectively, with design and be informative to the dot. With Exclusive, that was the approach our team took. Knowing how to organize a website with hundreds of products in a way to show case each and every item to its fullest and optimize each item needed a trick or two. We developed a functional website that enables visitors to explore each product in detail.

Database Management


Stand Out and Make A First Impression

This was more of logical roadmap. Yes, the website needed to be pleasing in appearance but more importantly needed to be useful. For a company like Exclusive Brands, who works with a national customer base, first impressions matter and leave a long lasting business-to-business relationship. Being able to plan, develop and implement a functioning, interactive website was a successful story. In the end, we delivered on time a search website optimized for all platforms with high-ranking SEO, mobile friendly, and a responsive design.  

The new website enabled Exclusive Brands to take control over all aspects of its sales and marketing process.

The website was revamped to make the consumer end a friendly experience and educational, informative and useful. Needing to be live and in contact with distributors at all time, Exclusive depended on an online File Sharing portal developed by our web development team. A portal that can be accessed in live time through the website to obtain product information and prices and/or other distributor required information, saving time, adding efficiency, effectiveness and increasing sales. Now employees also have product and brand information that is always up to date and easy to access making sales and presentations effortless.

Since the launch, we have continued to enhance the experience through website catalogue continuous development and webpage refreshments from time to time.

Custom Website Design

All The Results Right Through The WEB

Publishing interactive web forms is a special sauce we add to a website. With Exclusive Brands, this kicked in on their newest and biggest product they launched – Teddy Pop. Launching a countrywide contest is not easy when you are located in one region. How do you reach out? Where do you start?

After consultation and through an informative discussion, we took on the project to implement an online, website embedded interactive contest web form to receive submissions countrywide and to connect 24/7 the consumers to the business on all levels.

Exclusive Brands Features:

  • Beautifully Designed
  • Clear Navigation
  • Smooth Interaction
  • High Security
  • Digitally Connected