Joe Fresh

See how our team developed a commercial grade ad, targeted to meet Joe Fresh’s “Fresh Innovation” fashion line of wonder works.

Joe Fresh


Joe Fresh is a very unique brand with a special signature of its own, showing modernity, comfort, elegancy and simplicity all in one. How do we capture all of this and add a new concept was a bit challenging. How about a non-traditional layout? And that was it, that was our ah ha moment! We optimized our ideas into one and designed a non-traditional layout to prominently showcase Joe Fresh Active Wear in a variety of angles, allowing consumers to see the quality of the brand yet with an eye-capturing, abstract background scenery. Abstract yet simple to reflect on the brand it self - simple, comfortable but different.

Joe Fresh Active Wear Photoshoot


Our agency wanted to do something that would be too complex to recreate so that it becomes one of a kind. But also straightforward to understand and visualize as a concept. The main idea was to highlight the brands form fit, comfortable attributes while engaging with the consumers through the vision of a Yoga photoshoot session with a diversity of models on set. Incorporating the right Yoga movement, choosing the specific Joe Fresh’s Active Wear and finding the perfect background set needed much thought as all three had to be in-sync and match. We pushed boundaries through creative thinking rather than a traditional fashion photoshoot.

Our agency created a breathtaking photoshoot with a special design, elegant movements, and seamless ad, pushing our creativity into an immersive journey, inviting engagement and conversion every step of the way.

We weren’t afraid to play with shapes in our scenes, it added an accent to the poses and angles and some geometric magic!

Creative Marketing Photoshoot Design


Joe Fresh started with an accessible shopping experience to fashion consumers, today they have become one of the leading fashion retailers across the country that craft custom designs. This was an inspiration on its own. It made us think beyond the finish line, it pushed us to think ahead and race our minds with creative ideas to create and deliver a leading ad.

Photoshoot Session


  • Commercial Grade Ad
  • Non-traditional, engaging
  • Memorizing value
  • Celebrating the brand