Ocean Dental Commercial

Commercial promotional ads - our Creative Marketing team just added a celebrity scoop to promote 2 leading businesses

Ocean Dental & MediSpa


Ocean Dental Care and Ocean Medi Spa are two local businesses that were highlighted in our combined production piece. We have worked with both businesses before. This time we took it up a notch and we thought outside of the box and came up with a powerful and straight-forward message that would showcase the two businesses unique services. By making use of our brands creative marketing service, media production and digital storytelling skills, we came up with a stellar and highly engaging promotional video.



After conducting thorough research and discussing important filming factors, our creative marketing team came up with an engaging production plan and message for a duo business promo video. Ocean Dental and Medi Spa are focused on taking care of the needs of the community when it comes to looking and feeling their best! Our approach for this particular project was to create a behind-the-scenes theme through the lens of a videographer to show the benefits of being a client for Ocean Dental Care and Medi Spa. Our vision was to show a model who constantly needs her appearance to be picture-perfect for production shoots. The goal was to deliver a short promo video and photoshoot session that highlighted behind the scenes and on-camera snippets of the model getting ready to be photographed/filmed. This was done in a way that communicated with the audience what the two businesses are all about while effectively adhering to the community’s interests and preferences.

The promotional video that we ended up producing gave off a moody and dark setting which is what we were going for! The main focus was our model and how she uses Ocean Dental Care and Medi Spa services to prep for her shoots. Of course, the set was extremely important in this production, however we wanted the main focus to be on the model and her explanation into why she uses the two businesses services. We used creative shots, sound effects and a moody atmosphere to make the ad appear to look like an actual studio photoshoot. We used plenty of close-up shots and shooting techniques that fixated on the model’s appearance as she explained the steps she needs to take to look camera ready. Our creative team had the idea to use two sides of the set, one being the behind-the-scenes and the other being the photoshoot side. By doing this, it accentuated our overall vision. To finish this production, we held an actual photoshoot session to feature our model’s confidence after using Ocean Dental and Medi Spa’s extensive services.



As seen before multiple times when watching television, 30 second ads pop up showcasing different brand’s products and/or services. Almost everyone has seen some sort of make-up or shampoo commercial where the celebrity talks about the products they like to use from a particular brand. Our vision was somewhat similar, however we wanted to spice things up with the camera work and the mood of the video. We wanted to immediately catch the eyes of audiences, so right off the bat, we opened the video with energetic music and shooting sessions with our model, making it known that we are holding an epic photoshoot session!


  • Bold Videography
  • Commercial Grade Ad with Branding
  • Effective and Promotional
  • Focuses on Business Services
  • Creative and Informative
  • Fixates on Two Successful Local Businesses