Fashion forward design, creativity, and execution. 4-step creative marketing plan for a revolutionizing photoshoot for one of the most iconic brands worldwide. Creating an inspiring and interactive experience.



H&M was one of our favourite works. H&M is a brand that leads in the newest fashion trends and consumer conscious fashion styles.

Creative Marketing


Driven by H&M breathtaking sense of style and trends, our creative marketing team took on a challenge to unravel and bring to light from our perspective, on a trending topic. Inviting engagement and conversation online in every step of the way. We took on a creative detailed approach to highlight a consumer conscious topic to promote H&M Denim sustainable fashion.


Using our models who were inspired by H&M conscious collection was the perfect inspirational focus. Denim has been around for decades and centuries, our creative team wanted to modernize the term denim in a fun and attracting way to the modern consumer. By doing so, it allows for a better communication and engagement on the bigger topic behind the trending fashion style - an environmentally friendly one.

Creative Content

Portfolio Process

4-step process was as easy as 1, 2, 3, 4

Our creative team did a case study to better understand what the best approach was to take to present this topic in a fun and interactive way. The planning process was step one - Planning for the project and preparing the steps to reach the best way to represent H&M Denim as a sustainable brand.

The journey continues through the implementation process, though various photoshoots capturing the stylish brand. To create a personal connection, we used models wearing the brand on a casual basis in the photoshoot process. Step 3 is the editing process, this is where all the behind the scenes adding life to an image happens. And lastly, showing off the final project by publishing online, on all social media platforms and writing a well researched blog to tag along the photoshoot to encourage the viewers to read more about the posts.