Ocean Medi Spa

A Successful marketing plan relies heavily on the pulling-power of advertising copy. Writing, designing and developing result orientated ad is hard. Discover how our team’s creation is appealing, enticing and convincing to the consumers to take actions.

Ocean MediSpa


Ocean Medi Spa was a project on its own yet interrelated. It was an industry on its own yet conjoined. Sounds a little complicated but we worked around it. Ocean Medi Spa needed to enter the crowded industry with its own established brand yet needed to be in coherence with its sister company in which was based on a different industry all together. Merging two business from two different industries into one cohesive brand style required a high level of quality, precision, creation and vision

Responsive Website Design


Concept /Web Design / Web Development/ Responsive/ Digital Marketing / Social Media Management / Branding / AI Application

Social Media Management


After thorough research, analyses and discussion, our designers were able to find common grounds between Ocean Medi Spa and its sister company. Finding the common colours, fonts, icons for a common brand style. Being able to do so, helped enhance the final result bringing two business into one brand with a vision of technology, innovation, and a flawless and seamless execution, credibility and member engagement.


The Ocean Medi Spa homepage captures the relaxing environment that spas create. Large beautiful images provide a sense of place. From the homepage, users can read more or learn more about any service. Individual product/services pages offer the returning or new users with insight and resourceful information. Creating an online website portfolio was the beginning. Our graphic design team ensured all web, print, social media content was in sync and in line across the brand style.  Our Web designers ensured optimization on mobile and tablet views. The website is updated on a continued basis to ensure pricing, services and content is always current and relevant to the end user.

Online Booking Application

Being able to book online is big bonus in order to attract and retain business. Our Online Booking tool approach with Ocean Medi Spa was a little different. Our developers wanted to take it up a notch to the next level. Creating more of a human like interactive experience with the end user. The online booking application tool feels and operates as a live chat through artificial intelligence integration, algorithm and continues learning patterns.

Online Booking Tool

Lead Generation Tactics

Our team has the ability to drive leads in many way, we'll keep a couple tricks as a secret with our developers, but one way was being able to strategically place call to actions. Adding strong messages and very strong engaging titles pushes the user to stay for longer period of time on the website and move further along the conversion funnels.

Ocean Medi Spa Features:

  • Beautifully Designed
  • Smooth Interaction
  • Socially Creative
  • Digitally Connected