Willow West Dental

Strategic Design thinking is one of the most crucial aspects of brand development. Willow West Dental is the perfect example of the iconic modernized brand upgrade that has been an inspiration to many users and customers.

Willow West


Developing An Exiting Brand

The project process and success is all in the name – Willow West – A tree that gets older and wiser as it ages. Willow West was an existing brand. One that had been around for years, simple, modest website, until its new owners took over. Wanting to develop a brand in all means, they assigned our team to take over the website design and marketing of their brand. When two teams who are committed to strategic collaboration come together, incredible opportunities present themselves.

Mobile optimized Website Design


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Interactive Paperless Digital Forms


The first pillar was a new logo, or more so a renovated, more modern one that still preserved the name Willow West. Followed by building a brand new website from scratch, with new pages per each service written with SEO enhanced content, customized images, configured and embedded interactive new patient registration web forms. Including an interactive online booking tool. We made sure each and every element of Willow West from business cards to banners, to flyers, online social media channels and website was consistent and newly crafted in a cohesive way to reflect the true new brand.

Dental Paperless Form


The brand story was concepted to highlight Willow West updated and more modernized design. As Willow West evolves, and more patients begin to discover its uniqueness, the creativity is endless and the sky is the limit. We upped the brand with a colourful look to cater to a modern audience. We added newly developed interactive forms on the website design which directs patients to book online and register as new patients on the spot with greater ease.

Dental Share

With the growing dental industry, it made sense for a brand like Willow West to enter the game strong. We worked with Willow West Dental to launch the website in record time while established and maintaining a cohesive theme all across.


Willow West Features:

  • Beautifully Designed
  • Cohesive and Consistent Brand
  • Clear Navigation
  • Smooth Interaction
  • Digitally Connected