5 Dental Marketing Facts You May Not Have Known

If we were to define the dental industry in one word, we would describe it as competitive. These days, every dental clinic needs to establish a brand, voice, main message and online presence. The dental industry is fast-paced and growing, competition is fierce which means every practice needs to stay alert and discover new marketing trends. To give you further insight on this topic, we are going to list off five facts that you may not have known about this certain industry. If you run a practice, perhaps these facts can help you jump-start your marketing strategy and get it to that next level.

FACT #1: Obtaining New Patients Can Be Difficult

It can be hard at times to build up a steady client base, especially when there are quite a few local competitors. This can be a challenge for most dental clinics as they try to navigate the best way to attract new patients and keep their old ones. With attracting new clientele, dental clinics must earn their trust. A great way to do this is setting up a well-designed site that at least includes an about page, blog, credible resources, service page, branded content, contact information and social media links. The key point that dental clinics need to take from this is to have a very strong online presence because without one, you can bet your bottom dollar that potential leads will turn away from your practice. Microswift services such as dental, online paperless forms, social media and web design can help you stick out form the crowd and build your clinic’s digital presence from the ground up!

Dental Marketing

FACT #2: Automation Is Key

Why don’t you find a way to reduce time spent signing forms and getting patient’s information? The best solution is paperless dental intake forms. With this online solution, you can covert new patient forms into interactive digital forms for an easier and more streamlined experience.  Their forms can be filled out from an iPad, desktop computer, laptop or any mobile device. Better yet, the SSL encryption keeps your records safe! Patients would rather not spend a chunk of their day at your office, so speed up your clinic process and securely integrate data with your system. You can join the 2000+ dental clinics that use our paperless forms.

FACT #3: Customer Reviews Can Help With SEO

It’s a given that Google reviews will help general search rankings and SEO. Prospective leads will trust the opinions of active patients and will thoroughly look into reviews when considering a dental clinic. After all, they want to make sure they choose the best clinic. Reviews can overall just help boost your online presence, build trust amongst the community, construct authority, establish credibility and communicate your expertise.

FACT #4: Establishing A Brand Should Be One Of The First Things To Do

Creating a credible brand around your dental clinic is a must! Effective branding motivates leads to research into the business, read their content and consider becoming a patient. Not only can this help you build your customer base but it can make your practice stand out. A strong dental brand will help you to personally connect with the community and get your name out there. This is one of the main ways to market your clinic, people will be more enticed to come to your business when they see proof that you are a trusted brand. Microswift’s branding service can help you come up with a lasting visual identity that’ll turn heads, generate more leads and help with conversion.

Dental Social Media Marketing

FACT #5: Blogs Are Incredibly Important

Writing relevant, informational and eye-catching articles on your dental blog will help you get more traffic to your site and encourage patients to interact with your content. We are seeing more and more dental practices take to blogging to share their industry expertise and initiate conversations; this is a very creative way to market your clinic. We strongly encourage you to incorporate blogging in your content marketing plan for these reasons: this will market your practice online, build connections, increase website engagement and convert visitors into loyal; patients. You can spread your clinic’s news with the online community and captivate prospects effectively and creatively with this strategy.

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