Plastic Surgery Marketing Made Easy With These 6 Steps

Do you want to grow your plastic surgery practice this year? There are solutions to drive growth and by working with industry experts, you can have the best business strategy. If you’re looking to attract new patients who are interested in cosmetic surgery, you must optimize your online presence. Online audiences in Canada are projected to grow to 38 million users in 2023. Right now, there are 33 million active users online. This just proves that digital marketing is an essential growth tool in the time that we live in. Help your practice be discovered online by following these 6 marketing tips.


Many potential clients take to search engines when they do their research on medical services. They will always look on a practices website before making any sort of decision. What this means is that you have to ensure your website provides the most relevant information that is also engaging to consume. By fully optimizing your website, you can rank higher in search engines like Google and Yahoo which can then increase your discoverability. Organize your site so that it is easy to navigate for potential patients.

Plastic Surgery Optimized Website Design


It’s no secret that video has now been a leading form of content these past few years. In fact, 93% of brands got a new customer because of a video on social media. Video advertising is a way to ramp up your plastic surgery marketing; paid ads are displayed above organic listings for certain keywords on search engines and on people’s feeds, even when they don’t yet follow your account. You can attract some spotlight and get leads to discover your practice a whole lot quicker.


To establish yourself as an industry leader, you can write blog posts explaining your services, expertise and thoughts on the plastic surgery industry. This ties in with optimizing your website because the more content you have online, the higher the chances of appearing on search engines. Include keywords within each post that relate to the topic you are discussing. Writing informational content on a blog will also help to increase the trust between you and your patients.

Plastic Surgery Blog Posts


Focus on your patients and automate the rest, it’s that easy! No more piles of paper, no more loose pens and no more disorganized workspaces. Digital paperless forms are the present and future of the medical industry. They are secure, easy to use, encourage patients to write reviews, and can track data. These forms have everything you need to run an efficient plastic surgery practice. What’s more, these forms allow patients to fill out their information on any device whether they’re out and about or in the comfort of their own home. With a click of a button, the information get’s sent to your front office and is safely stored into the patient’s chart.


Marketing professionals can help you come up with the best social media marketing plan by conducting research and analyzing your practice. Experts can help your practice build up a strong online rep by engaging in social media marketing tactics. This is a cost effective, efficient, cohesive and customized way to boost your practice digitally. Your very own video ads can be shared across all social media platforms which will lead to an increased reach rate. Social media platforms are a great way for you to present your services, before and after photos, video clips and explainer videos.

Plastic Surgery Social Media Management


Your practice can share positive patient experiences online through testimonials and reviews. Video testimonials are always a great idea because they are more personal and real, prospective patients will want to see this when they are doing their research on your clinic. Make sure to use high quality images and video clips if you decide to move forward with this approach, because quality trumps quantity. Again, this strategy will help you bond with your patients and build trust with prospective patients. To conclude, reviews and testimonials matter in growing your plastic surgery clinic.

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