Communication Strategies In Fashion Marketing

Each fashion brand has a different marketing strategy for different customers. It isn’t a one size fits all scenario, a fashion brand’s marketing plan needs to speak to their target audience in an appealing way. A good marketing strategy will tell a story with words but a great marketing strategy will tell a story with passion and meaning. This is exactly how a business can grow their customer base and set themselves apart from the competition. 2021 has been a wake up call for all businesses around he globe but at the same time, this year has given us the tools to rise above and grow online. How can you use these tools to effectively communicate with your target audience? We’ll give you a hint: it’s all about channeling your fashion brand’s best qualities!

Fashion Marketing

Popular fashion brands don’t just randomly rise to the top, it has taken them years to build up and make a name for themselves. Chanel, Steve Madden, Aritzia and Lululemon all have done something right with their marketing, and it began with finding the right communication style to market to their target audience. There are plenty of ways that fashion brands can communicate with their target audience such as social media, email marketing and ads. This whole process can be quite ambiguous as there are lots of different routes to take, that is why marketers have come up with a few communication tactics that fashion brands can follow this year. Who knows? Perhaps today you can finally find the perfect fit for your brand!

Social Media

Now, this may be stating the obvious but we all know how important social media is for business nowadays. Not only can you use these platforms to connect with your audience but you can advertise to them in a way that caters to their needs. Social media is easy to swipe or scroll through on a daily basis. People are busy and in some cases, they may only have a few minutes to go through their socials. This is why you need to take advantage of platforms like Pinterest, Instagram, Tiktok, Facebook and Snapchat because these are tools that can help your brand get out into the open.

We name these platforms specifically because they are the hottest channels right now and are also the most visual. The fashion industry is known to be visual which means that your marketing strategy needs to be visual as well. Pictures and video last longer and create more of an impact in comparison to written content. So, in order to positively interact and communicate with your audience, take to social media and use the tools that are offered on these channels. There’s a wide range of different content that can be produced like social ads, short video clips, infographics, branded images and blog posts. It’s up to you to take the next step forward and discover your potential on these platforms.

Fashion Social Media

Celebrity Endorsements

This is not new territory, we have seen this done thousands of times. Some examples being the Michael Jordan/Nike campaign and the Beyonce/Pepsi commercial. Why were these so successful? To put it simply, consumers love to see celebrities try products or services as it enables them to put their trust into the the brand that is being promoted. This is a surefire way to raise brand awareness and gather more views to your produced ad. When fans see a celebrity speaking about your service or products, it communicates that your offerings are of high value.

Influencer collaborations

This is a great way to reach a specific niche market and audience. We have been seeing this more and more this year. Influencer marketing has made quite the appearance and we believe it won’t be leaving any time soon. Influencers are people who cater to a very specific niche on digital platforms and have a number of followings. Their content can reach thousands to millions of users online.

Fashion Digital Marketing

We have seen many different fashion brands work with these individuals to promote their products, reach new markets and increases sales. Influencer marketing can help a brand communicate with niche markets who will want to use the services or products that are being offered. Influencers can name-drop brands, film unboxings & try-on hauls, review the value/quality of a product or service and post to their social platforms.

Tell a meaningful story

People love to hear a good story and if you can tell one in a visually appealing way, that is where you can get some extra brownie points! Sharing a meaningful brand message online, through the radio, or on television can take your brand quite far. Marketers have said time and again to tap into emotions, and there’s a reason for that. This is a successful tactic that consumers can appreciate as it plays to their desires, needs and wants. When in the process of creating a story, you will need to consider factors like the history of your brand, main message, voice, personality and goals. From there, you can communicate this to your audience and make it known that you have a solution to their problems.

Brand Story Telling

Email Marketing

As marketers, we love to see a stellar email campaign, and so do your customers! Many brands take to email marketing as a way to effectively communicate with their consumers. This has always been a good tactic to retain customers and attract new ones as email campaigns are an impactful marketing method. If you are able to come up with an email list, conduct surveys, engage customers with appealing content and send out personalized messages based on consumer behaviours, you could see a good return on investment. At this point, we are wondering what email marketing can’t do!

Indeed, the fashion industry is booming which means it can also be quite competitive. But when you have these incredible tools under your belt, you can optimize your fashion brand’s online presence AND reap the benefits all in one go! To learn more about fashion industry marketing, head over to our latest article about how one can successfully market their fashion business.

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